The bigeneration house : A new modern lifestyle!

nouvelle tendance_e bigeneration


Bi-generational home – The family at the heart of the modern fashion life that is based on values of caring and sharing.

This kind of house gets its popularity and this new trend allows to share a house, having each its environments, but at the same address. The intergenerational house – or called bi-generational, is a single family house which we have added an additional, separate housing but smaller, in order to help each other socially and financially.

This innovative lifestyle has many benefits for both the parents and the “children.”

  • Allows mutual assistance and exchange of services, sharing of running costs and maintenance-related tasks of a property
  • Protects the family patrimony and offering different financial formulas
  • Maintains the privacy of both parties
  • Promotes and autonomy close relatives
  • Provides home support in the case of elderly parents or persons with reduced autonomy
  • Allows seniors to age in a familiar environment close to their relatives
  • Provides a positive response to security needs, emotional needs and communication needs
  • Maintaining a strong bond and an active communication between family members
  • Established a balance between the generations of the same family

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