Living in an intergenerational home
A new modern lifestyle!

The intergenerational home is made to answer the requirements of the family
aiming for a modern lifestyle

Increasingly popular, this style of home reunites all the members of one family together under one roof with the same address, while offering a private space for each. Often referred to as bi-generational, the intergenerational home is a single-family construction, which is then divided to create an additional independent dwelling inside the same building. This lifestyle promotes mutual assistance, as well as sharing the resources and responsibilities. There are many benefits to this modern lifestyle:

  • Promotes sharing the responsibilities, such as property maintenance and upkeep.
  • Offers a variety of financial options in order to protect family patrimony.
  • Facilitates mutual assistance and exchange of services, while protecting the privacy of both parties.
  • Facilitates the assistance and care for aging parents or for someone losing autonomy.
  • Extends the capability of aging parents to stay in their own home, close to family
  • Promotes active communication, closer ties, and security of all the family members.