Bi-generation and intergenerational property 101

Bi-generation and intergenerational property 101

Also called intergenerational home, the bigenerational home is a constructed or a renovated house, consisting of two separate dwellings, where children and elderly parents live. Since 1998, it is possible to adapt a single family home into a intergenerational home. However, it is recommended to check with the municipality because not all have adopted a zoning regulation allowing for the construction or addition of accommodation into a single family home.

Elements to consider
In addition, check that elements are included in the built or added accommodation, as it should include: a single outdoor access without obstacles, superior soundproofing […] Read more

Family at the heart of an innovative lifestyle

Intergenerational home – Family at the heart of an innovative lifestyle based on the values ​​of caring and sharing

Rest assured, we don’t talk about living at your parents’ house like when you were 17. Rather, it’s more about sharing a house, but still having some privacy while living at the same address. An intergenerational home – or bi generational – is a single family home in which an additional and independent accommodation has been added, but smaller in order to help each other socially and financially.

That being said, this definition could equally well apply to siblings […] Read more

Living in an intergenerational home

A home, two families: living in an intergenerational home

An intergenerational home is an excellent solution to housing and care for elderly or in-laws parents. Not only you will save on mortgage loans and the costs of residential care, but it also meets the needs of elderly people in terms of security and affection.

Indeed, it helps them to enjoy the attention of their family while still having a certain independence. For adults, intergenerational home is a way to care for aging parents while maintaining their daily work and life.

Conditions for an intergenerational home

Although there is […] Read more